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Expansion – Clinch

The installation and clinching operations of the Clinch Expansion Insert are simultaneous, using a simple press-in type tool.


  • Entire length of insert is in contact with hole during installation
  • Tapered hole is required and easier to mold
  • Mold design is simplified and molding costs decreased


  • Unique counter bore positions insert over molding pin and allows for easy bolt entry
  • Eliminates machine chips and oil residue that could contaminate molded product


  • For installation after molding using heat
  • High temperature O-ring provides pressure tight seal
  • Installation temperatures up to 600°F; operating temperature up to 400°F
  • Diagonal knurls and fin profiles exceed rotational and tensile requirements

Ultrasert® I

  • Vertical flutes and horizontal fins provide superior assembly strength
  • Tapered design assures rapid and accurate alignment prior to installation
  • Flute and fin design provide a chip-free environment

Ultrasert® II

  • Installed ultrasonically or with heat
  • Two lengths allow for increased design flexibility
  • Diagonal knurls and undercuts provide superior assembly strength
  • Excellent design for automated systems

Ultrasert® II Screw-Lock

  • Screw-Lock feature has unique locking element for vibration applications
  • Eliminates need for patches, lock washers or locking compounds
  • Ideal for adjusting screw applications

Ultrasert® III

  • No orientation required and ideal for automated assembly
  • Opposing diagonal knurls provide torque resistance
  • Lead in pilots for rapid and accurate positioning

Ultrasert® IV

  • Provides high tensile and rotational strength
  • Two lengths allow for design flexibility
  • Lead-in pilot positions insert for installation
  • Parallel sides for installation into straight holes

Ultrasert® IV Flanged

  • Ideal for use as an electrical contact or fastening terminal connectors
  • For high strength assemblies; can be used in a reverse screw entry